Your local Chiropractor on the Central Coast  –  7 Gavenlock Rd (South), Tuggerah NSW 2259

Dr Tiffiny OLSSON

Dr Tiff grew up on the Central
Coast and spent 6 years working at Tuggerah Chiropractic whilst completing her
Chiropractic degree. Since graduating in 2011 she has worked in private
practice across the Central West and South West Slopes of NSW as well as the
Sunshine Coast in QLD.

Over this time Dr Tiff has enjoyed expanding her knowledge in paediatrics, chiropractic neurology, postural rehabilitation and dry needling. She enjoys working with families and equipping them to be in control of their health.

In Her Own Words

 Some of you may remember me from my 6 years here as a receptionist whilst I was studying Chiropractic at university.

Since graduating I have lived and worked in Bathurst, Cowra and Young in NSW and Mooloolaba in QLD and loved the varied patients and experiences I had in these areas. Over the past 10 years, I have expanded my knowledge in paediatrics, chiropractic neurology, postural rehabilitation and dry needling. Outside of work I’ve had two boys – Ford and Tate, who I look forward to bringing into the practice, and just for fun I also became a high school science teacher.

 I enjoy utilising a range of techniques to create the best outcome for my patients. I feel one of the best aspects of my job is meeting families, watching them grow and having the privilege of being a small part of their lives.

After 10 years away I’m incredibly excited to be back at Tuggerah Chiropractic and am looking forward to reconnecting with many of you, as well as meeting all the new faces here!


Dr Tiff