Dr Alyx Grabasch is a highly sought-after Chiropractor
who has a keen interest in fitness, health and wellbeing and Chiropractic runs deep in her blood. 

Alyx developed a scoliotic curve during adolescence and the
positive results of her chiropractic treatment at the time changed her life forever! Learning firsthand the benefits of Chiropractic care through a family member, Alyx subsequently pursued a career in Chiropractic. She holds a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic with Distinction from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.
Two of her siblings have followed in her footsteps and are both practicing chiropractors.

She is passionate about the benefits of Chiropractic care and loves to inspire and educate her patients about how truly great their bodies are designed to feel and perform. She has participated in several international mission trips providing chiropractic care; alongside doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, and nurses to provide basic health and hygiene education in Cambodia and the Phillipines.

 Dr Alyx uses a combination of SOT Diversified and Activator methods. She welcomes people of all ages and points of concern, but her loyal following sees her treating many families…from toddlers to teenagers and then beyond to adulthood.
Helping them to triumph over many challenges, whether a growth spurt, sporting injury, or generalized aches and pains.

If you would like a consultation with Dr Alyx, please call the office on 4351 2000