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Dr Michael Binne


Dr. Michael has practised in several chiropractic clinics across the Central Coast where he has lived for the past 15 years. Dr. Michael has a passion for educating his patients about how the human body works and how chiropractic care can help them achieve their health goals. 

Dr. Michael believes everyone can benefit from chiropractic care and develops a treatment plan that is tailor made for you to treat the exact cause of your problem not just the symptoms.

In the words of Dr Rodney Steventon;

  “We’ve found that the Massator is better than a second pair of hands. The unique characteristics of the Massator has allowed us to achieve far more efficient muscle work while increasing patient comfort due to the anaesthetic effect on the skin that vibration has, reducing discomfort during treatment. We have also found that it has been able to increase circulation, have amazing effects on areas of fibrosis, and revitalise lymphatic and interstitial flow! It has transformed our treatment programs with results that are startling. It is able to be used on all body parts.”