Royce Allenson - DC

Dr Royce Allenson

How Dr Royce Allenson defines chiropractic care: Chiropractic care is the art, science and philosophy behind improving people’s health and pain by balancing their spine, this eases nerve irritation so that bones, muscles and ligaments work together better, enabling the body to heal itself.

A lot of people say we correct pinch nerves by putting bones of the spine back in place – while being overly simplistic – it is essentially true.

Defining wellness:

“To me, simply put, wellness is the degree of internal and external health of our body required to be able to do the things we are capable of doing, easily and without pain. It is more than just fitness.” – Dr Royce Allenson, Tuggerah Chiropractic.

What sort of conditions does it help with?

As we are treating the body (to help it work better) this then enables a wide variety of conditions to respond to chiropractic treatment. These range from the common back and neck pains to sciatica, headaches, shoulder arm problems to dizziness, co-ordination problems, migraines, colicky babies and more.

At our clinic in Tuggerah, we aim to instruct you on clear, simple ways to look after yourself, so to prevent the problem’s return. Simple things can make a difference and can mean that most people are able to do the things that are important to them. The staff at our Tuggerah clinic strive to enrich people’s lives in tangible ways.

We have a common sense approach to back problems and your health. Our goal is to achieve results that are real to people and make a positive effect on their ability to go through their every day life, and therefore have a positive effect upon their life.