Digital X-rays at our clinic in Tuggerah

At our Tuggerah clinic, our chiropractors are licensed to take digital X-rays and qualified and experienced to interpret them as part of your overall examination and assessment of concerns and health conditions. If necessary, a set of 5 digital images may be taken on site making it convenient and time efficient for you and the chiropractors. 


The images may be of the whole spine and can include images of the neck and pelvic regions. Reports can be obtained for your information or be directed to your GP (or related practitioner) if necessary or requested. 

Tuggerah Chiropractic uses the latest computerised technology to ensure that your digital X-rays become part of your medical records, are digitally stored in your personalised file, and are readily available in seconds any time they are needed. All this without the inconvenience of having to bring your films to the consultation or having to store them. Call or visit our clinic in Tuggerah for more details.

Can I get a copy of my X-rays?

Digital X-rays and reports can be supplied on CD for easy viewing in any computer. Additionally (or as an alternative) X-ray images and reports can be emailed to you or your GP – or both!

Digital X-rays can be supplied at the time taken or any time later. They can be reproduced as an extra copy, if you change GPs and / or if a new practitioner requires them. The advantages of having digital X-rays are many and it’s a more convenient alternative to the old X-ray films!

Tuggerah chiropractic xray photo analysis

Other benefits for you, your chiropractor, and the environment

  • No toxic chemicals are involved – therefore so much cleaner and better for the environment!
  • Better technology means reduced levels of radiation – less chances of ‘retakes’
  • Being able to view your X-rays on a computer allows clear, more precise images of your spine, neck and pelvis – including the ability to zoom any area of concern or complaint
  • Having X-rays taken on site as part of your consultations saves you time, money and having to go somewhere else
  • Diagnosis and treatment can be followed up sooner – even on the same day if necessary
  • Your X-rays are readily available every consultation for immediate preview or review

Contact our clinic in Tuggerah for more information.